A federal court in Georgia considering the criminal charges filed against former Peanut Corp. of America owner Stewart Parnell has denied his request for the return of his passport “for purposes of employment-related international travel.” United States v. Parnell, No. 13-12 (U.S. Dist. Ct., M.D. Ga., Albany Div., order entered April 26, 2013). Parnell apparently surrendered his passport as a condition of his pretrial release. Parnell and company managers were charged in a 76-count indictment over a nationwide Salmonella outbreak in 2009. Additional information about the charges appears in Issue 472 of this Update.

According to the court, Parnell was allowed to be released “on an unsecured $100,000 bond with no pretrial supervision by the U.S. Probation Office,” and, because he did not show that he cannot find employment within the United States and no other changes have taken place since the conditions were set, the court had no basis for returning the passport.