A recent Transport & Environment report concludes that carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles sold in the European Union (EU) declined in 2011 and are ahead of schedule to meet limits set for 2015. The EU mandates fleet average carbon dioxide emissions of 130 grams per kilometer for each EU carmaker by 2015. The report indicates that overall emissions reduced 3.3 percent in 2011 and that reductions were evenly spread across manufacturers, although some carmakers, such as BMW and Honda, apparently had emissions decreases less than 2 percent. For the industry as a whole, the gap between current fleet emissions and the 2015 standard is less than 4 percent. The report also finds that the current average rate of progress is more than sufficient to meet the EU’s 2020 target of 95 grams per kilometer.

According to the report, only about half the gains shown in performance testing have been realized in real world driving, suggesting that this could be due to manufacturers going to “ever greater lengths” to maximize test vehicles for the official tests. The organization has indicated its intent to investigate the issue further.