Duke University Professor Emeritus and Director of the Program in Pharmaceutical Health Economics Henry Grabowski has co-authored a paper on biosimilar development for the June 2014 issue of Health Affairs. Titled “Regulatory and Cost Barriers Are Likely to Limit Biosimilar Development and Expected Savings in the Near Future,” the paper cites high development costs, interchangeability requirements and competition from new biologics in the same therapeutic class as impediments to a dynamic biosimilars market in the United States, at least in the short term. Grabowski claims that such expectations are generally consistent with the development of biologics in Europe since 2007. While policymakers had hoped that biosimilars could deliver the same types of cost savings as generics, Grabowski contends that they may not achieve such savings for 10 years or more, but will do so once equivalence can be shown without costly clinical studies and prescribers become more receptive to their use. See The Hill, June 3, 2014.