On July 1, 2022, SECEX Circular No. 30/2022 was published, initiating the sunset review of the anti-dumping duties applied to exports from China of carbon content steel wire ropes, with high mechanical strength, 3 or 7 strands, low relaxation (as known as "steel wire ropes"), commonly classified under the NCM code 7312.10.90.

Steel wire ropes, in civil construction, can be used in various fields of engineering: industrialized concrete construction (prefabricated); building construction; art works; cable-stayed bridges; vertical barriers or tension rods; wind-tower assembly systems; railway works (sleepers); and industrial flooring works.

The petition was filed by Belgo Bekaert Ltda.

The analysis of the likelihood of continuation or resumption of dumping considered the period from January to December 2021. And the analysis of the likelihood of continuation or resumption of injury considered the period from January 2017 to December 2021.

Considering the evidence of resumption of dumping during the anti-dumping duty period, the average domestic normal values in the Brazilian market and the average sales price of the domestic like product in the same market were constructed during the period of analysis of resumption of dumping, and the difference between the two (in absolute and relative terms) was not publicly disclosed.

Thus, it is concluded that, although they did not export the product during the resumption of dumping analysis period of this review, they would have to practice dumping to compete with the domestic like product, since the normal value of this origin in Brazil exceeds the price practiced by the domestic industry.

A public interest procedure will be optional, upon request submitted based on a duly completed Public Interest Questionnaire or ex officio at the discretion of SDCOM (Subsecretariat of Trade Defence and Public Interest). The public interest procedure aims to identify possible impacts of the imposition of the anti-dumping measure on economic agents, which could be potentially more harmful when compared to the positive effects of the application of the trade defense measure. It has the same deadlines as the anti-dumping sunset review.

The parties interested (Exporters, Importers, other Domestic Producers) can cooperate with the investigation by submitting their response to the Questionnaire, ensuring that the final decision is based on precise data, and also benefitting from an individual dumping margin (which tends to be lower than the margin calculated based on the facts available).