The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (“ADEQ”) and Unilin Flooring NC, LLC (“UFN”) entered into an August 15th Consent Administrative Order (“CAO”) to address alleged air violations.

The CAO states that UFN owns a hardwood flooring mill (“Mill”) in Izard County, Arkansas.

ADEQ issued Air Operating Permit 0559-AOP-R7 (“Permit”) to UFN on November 26th, 2012.

UFN is stated to have submitted stack test results to ADEQ on December 4, 2015 related to emissions testing conducted on November 5, 2015. The results of the test allegedly indicate that the Deltak Wood-Fired Boiler (“SN-05”) exceeded the permitted emission rate for Carbon Monoxide (“CO”) and Particulate Matter (“PM”).

The CAO further states that UFN submitted a Compliance Test Protocol Form for the re-testing of the Deltak Wood-Fired Boiler for CO and PM to be conducted on December 8, 2015. ADEQ is stated to have not received the testing results for the re-testing of the emission source for CO and PM.

The CAO provides that UFN stated in correspondence dated December 4, 2015 that during the initial test this emission source was unable to reach optimal operating temperature levels and subsequently, “an evaluation of SN-05 revealed some minor infractions in the refractory”. UFN is stated to have noted completion of the repairs to the refractory and that the emission source is now operating at its optimum temperature.

UFN neither admits nor denies the factual and legal allegations contained in the CAO. The company does agree that it will:

  • Within 90 calendar days of the effective date of the CAO conduct and pass emissions testing at SN-05 for PM and CO
  • Within 120 calendar days of the effective date of the CAO submit the test results of the SN-05 emissions test to ADEQ, Office of Air Quality

UFN agrees to a civil penalty of $6,000.

A copy of the CAO can be downloaded here.