As we reported to you in an FR Alert on December 11, 2014, new amendments to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act went into effect late last year. The amendments address new guidelines for “voluminous requests” and make certain changes regarding fees and website responses for FOIA requests. As with any amendment to the FOIA law, all public bodies should revise their FOIA procedures to address these important new changes.

We have revised the Sample FOIA Administrative Procedures documents in the Franczek Radelet FOIA Document Package to address these recent changes to the FOIA law. Public bodies that previously purchased the FOIA Document Package can obtain the revised materials for a discounted one-time fee of $250, and public bodies that have not yet purchased the FOIA Document Package can purchase it for a one-time fee of $500. All orders—updated materials or new order can be placed online here. The Document Package includes electronic access to:

  • A sample FOIA Policy;
  • The revised Sample FOIA Administrative Procedures;
  • A checklist for FOIA Officer; and
  • A FOIA Frequently Asked Questions document.