EBA publishes 2013 annual report: EBA has published its annual report for 2013, which also contains an outlook of the regulatory, supervisory and consumer protection activity EBA has planned for the rest of 2014. On bank regulation, EBA will focus on credit risk, as it has to deliver technical standards on matters such as internal models and defining default. EBA will also provide advice on the conditions under which CRR grants preferential risk-weight treatment to certain covered bonds and the appropriateness of doing so. It will also consider whether certain securitisations should also get preferential prudential treatment. Another piece of advice to the Commission will deal with the perimeter of bank regulation and shadow banking. EBA's supervisory activity will include finalising the first module of the Single Supervisory Handbook, focused on business model analysis. Under its consumer protection remit EBA will build on the recent work by the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) to develop product oversight and governance principles specific to banking products. It will also consider whether to make into legally binding instruments its opinions on responsible mortgage lending and treatment of customers in difficulties. Jointly with the other ESAs, EBA will look at crowdfunding. (Source: EBA 2013 Annual Report)