On 23 August 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers approved an Action Plan for the Deregulation of Business Activities in Ukraine for the years 2016-2017 (the “Plan”).

The Plan is a strategic road map aimed at making national regulations compliant with European Union standards and global best practices.

The Plan contains 112 measures to improve the business environment in different sectors, including agriculture, telecommunication, infrastructure, construction, tax, as well as reforms to state customs procedures, sanitary and veterinary controls.

Among the major expected simplifications the following are the mist significant:

  1. the ability to submit applications to state authorities and obtain permits in electronic form;
  2. the repeal of certain licenses in the telecoms sector;
  3. the requirement for the competition authority to provide clear guidance for vertical distribution relations;
  4. simplification of employment registration for foreigners;
  5. harmonization of construction and engineering standards with EU norms;
  6. simplification of customs clearance procedures; and
  7. a decrease in the number of controlling authorities.

The implementation of the Plan is should decrease state regulation over economic activity and enhance the ease of doing business in Ukraine.