A Business Conduct Committee of the Chicago Board of Trade accepted settlements from JP Morgan Chase Bank NA and JBS USA, LLC for allegedly entering into two contingent exchange for related position transactions on March 6, 2014, where the transactions were purportedly structured to avoid “material market risk” in connection with the related positions. To resolve their CME Group disciplinary actions, JP Morgan Chase agreed to pay a fine of US $20,000 and JBS a fine of US $15,000. William Fisher was charged by CME Group with entering orders in oats futures on Globex on multiple occasions during pre-opening sessions between August 2013 and September 2014 that were not made in good faith with the intent to execute “bona fide transactions.” Mr. Fisher resolved these charges by agreeing to pay a fine of US $17,500 and have his accesses to all CME Group exchanges suspended for 20 business days.