On 26 April 2014, the EU’s Official Journal published Implementing Regulation 427/2014 establishing a procedure for the application for and the assessment, approval and certification of innovative technologies for reducing CO2 emissions from light commercial vehicles under Article 12 of Regulation 510/2011. Regulation 510/2011 sets out emission performance standards for new light commercial vehicle and enables manufacturers and suppliers under its Article 12 to apply for the approval of certain innovative technologies contributing to reducing CO2 emissions from light commercial vehicles, the aim of which is to promote the development and the early uptake of new and advanced CO2 emission-reducing vehicle technologies.

Implementing Regulation 427/2014 contains a definition of “innovative technologies” which can avail of the procedure and specifies measures that will not be considered “innovative technologies”. The new procedure Implementing Regulation 427/2014 entered into force in May 2014.

Implementing Regulation 427/2014 can be accessed here