The State of California released on July 29th a document titled California Sustainable Freight Action Plan(“Action Plan”).

A group of California agencies in a July 28th letter to the Governor regarding the Action Plan state in part:

The Action Plan provides a Vision and Guiding Principles to utilize when developing specific investments, policies and programs related to the freight transport system. It identifies actions to build support and achieve accomplishments that meet many of the State goals identified for health and climate, as well as mobility, safety, and economy. Most importantly, the Action Plan positions the State to be a more collaborative partner with all levels of government, industry, labor, and environmental and community groups.

The Action Plan was developed pursuant to a California Executive Order (B-32-15) which was issued by Governor Brown in July 2015.

The Action Plan addresses issues such as:

  • California’s freight transport system
    • Current policy drivers
    • Vision and guiding principles
    • Freight targets
  • Investing in California’s freight transport system
    • Potential freight funding
    • Approach to ongoing freight investment
  • State Agency Actions and Pilot Projects
    • State Agency Actions
    • Pilot Projects
    • Discussion concepts for potential future action
  • Process and next steps

A copy of the Executive Order can be found here.

A link to the Action Plan can be found here.