On October 1, 2014 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine passed its Resolution "On providing  monthly targeted allowance to persons displaced from the temporarily occupied territory of  Ukraine and districts of the antiterrorist operation to cover their living expenses, including  housing and utility services." 7

The basic provisions of the Resolution are as follows:

1.   The amount of aid:

  • For incapacitated persons (pensioners, disabled persons, children) – UAH 884 per person (family  member);
  • For able-bodied persons – UAH 442 per person (family member).
  • The total amount of aid per family shall be calculated as the total of aid amounts per each  family member and may not exceed UAH 2400. The allowance is paid to one of the family members  subject to the consent of other family members for obtaining such aid.

2.   To obtain the allowance, the authorized family member should contact the district labour and  social protection department at the place where the family actually lives.

The documents to be provided for obtaining the aid are as follows:

  • Application;
  • Ukrainian passport or other identity document, and registration certificates of all displaced  members of the family;
  • The application shall include a copy of the marriage certificate, copies of birth certificates of  children and written consent of the other family members in any form to the payment of cash aid to  the au- thorized representative of the family as well as their consent to personal data processing.

3.   Term of decision-making: within 10 days upon the submission of the documents, the relevant  district Term of decision-making: within 10 days upon the submission of the documents, the rele labour and social protection department shall order the payment of allowance or refuse it.