On his first day in office, President Obama issued a memorandum on "transparency and open government," setting the tone for his administration. His memorandum set out a vision of openness and inclusion of the public in the day-to-day business of the government. He highlighted, in particular, that federal agencies routinely should solicit public feedback. Not even six months later, the Transparency Task Force was born at FDA, as well as a Transparency Blog for public comments on various discussion topics ranging, at present, from the Sentinel Initiative to the FDA Web site that was launched a few days later. The agency has charged the Task Force with identifying areas for improvement and recommending strategies to address more efficient and effective public communication about agency activities and operations. The Task Force held its first of two public meetings at the end of June and is working toward a December deadline for providing a report to the Commissioner on its findings and recommendations. FDA transparency initiatives are likely to multiply in the months ahead with a focus on activities that directly affect consumers (for example, product recalls). In the interim, the transparency effort marches on.