Indian law allows for filing of multiclass and service marks application Further the law also allows for filing of priority application from a convention country. A conventional application must be filed within six months of the date from which priority are being claimed.  

The following document/information must be provided:

  1. Description of the mark. In case of a device mark, we would require its representation.
  2. Class/es in which registration is sought.
  3. Goods/services to be covered under the application.
  4. Status of use: The information relating to use of the mark in India. It should be confirmed whether the mark is in use in India and if so, the exact date (DD/MM/YY) of such use should be furnished. In case of no use, it should be confirmed that the mark is proposed to be used.
  5. Applicant details: The details of the Applicant including its incorporation status, trade description viz. manufacturer/merchant/service provider etc should be furnished
  6. Power of Attorney (POA): A power of authority can be filed subsequent to the filing of the application.
  7. Certified copy of priority document : In case of a priority claim, a certified copy of the priority document together with its certified English translation (if the priority Application is in a language other than English) are required to be submitted at the time of filing the application or within two months of lodging the application.