Sustainable Mobility Ordinance of October 5th, 2018 of the Madrid City Council.

If following the state and regional regulations is complicated in Spain, that of the municipal regulations is not possible from a practical point of view.

In Spain there are more than 8,000 municipalities and in principle, all of them can demand insurance coverages prior to the obtaining of licenses in certain activities that take place in their territory.

However, we have considered it appropriate to include within this summary a brief comment on the Sustainable Mobility Ordinance of the Madrid City Council that regulates the insurance requirements for the latest modes of urban mobility such as electric bicycles and the so-called Vehicles of Urban Mobility (i.e.: scooters) as it can foreseeably serve as a model for other City Councils.

Policy holder

Type of insurance

Limit of cover

Managers of public car parks of the City of Madrid.

Insurance corresponding to the car parks and their facilities.

Civil liability insurance for the risks that may arise from the operation of the car parks and the management of the service.

Not defined

Persons authorized to perform collective public urban transport for schools and minors.

Civil liability insurance for damages that may be suffered by the occupants of the vehicles in which the transport is carried out.


The owners of bicycles used for the transport of people and the distribution of merchandise as an economic activity.

Civil liability insurance covering the damages to the user and third parties.

Not defined

The owners of Urban Mobility Vehicles (VMU) used for the development of an economic activity.

Civil liability insurance.

Minimum 1.000.000 €

The private owners of bicycles and VMU destined to be leased.

Civil liability insurance covering the damages to the user and to third parties.

Not defined

The City Council of Madrid in its capacity as owner of a public bicycle rental service.

Civil liability insurance to third parties excluding the damage to merchandise transported.

Not defined