There do seem to be an abundance of articles on retirement issues these days. As usual, credit the needs and demands of the early baby boomers.

An article in the ABA Journal offers advice from the Chair of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors: set goals for your financial independence; pay off debt; achieve a good credit rating; live within your means; resist the temptation to splurge; save more; floss daily. (I added the last one.)

An other article in the same journal offers advice applicable at various ages on the road to retirement: set up an emergency fund, 3 to 12 months’ living expenses; pay off debts as quickly as you can; save for retirement all through your career; keep track of your level of savings; take advantage of permitted catch-up contributions to qualified plans; when you’re retired, stay on budget if you can; make sure you consider disability and long term care insurance; learn about Medicare benefits; finally, and maybe most important, decide what you’re going to do when you retire- work part-time, refocus to another kind of work, develop avocations, or play golf all day.