Conversion of a patent application is applicable. A patent application originally filed for invention or design patent may be converted into a utility model patent application; likewise, a patent application originally filed for utility model patent may also be converted into an invention patent application. When applying for division of a patent application, if a conversion of the application is also requested, then TIPO will apply the following practices:

  1. No separate application forms is required for division and conversion of the patent application. File the divisional application by using the Form Conversion of Patent Application; but indicate in the Form that "This divisional & conversion of the patent application is derived and converted from the Application No. xxxxxxxxx" or "This divisional &conversion of the patent application is derived from the Design Application No. xxxxxxxxx, and converted as a derivative design of the Design Application No. xxxxxxxxx"
  2. The applicant shall pay separate official fees for the divisional application and the conversion of the patentapplication. But for a design patent application, if the applicant applies for divisional and conversion of the divisional application into a derivative design application, or the divisional application is derived from a derivative design application and converted into a design patent application, the applicant shall  pay one official fee only.
  3. The TIPO will only assign one application number to the conversion application; and no application number will be allocated additionally to the divisional application.