It Is Generally Recognized That An Owner Will Be More Attentive To The Business

A business can more easily expand within a larger geographical area through franchising. Expansion into foreign jurisdictions is often easier, because the franchisee will take responsibility for dealing with local customs, tastes and regulations. The reduced amount of supervision required in a franchise system helps to overcome the problems of distance inherent in conducting business in other provinces or countries. Franchising is sometimes utilized, by a business which has expanded to its limit as a corporate owned network, to exploit markets which would otherwise be neglected.

In business, it is generally recognized that an owner will be more attentive than a manager. This is the central point which makes franchising so attractive. A franchisor can rest assured that the person operating his store will be "attending to business" much as he would.

And, there is strength in numbers. The successful franchisor can command incredible deals with suppliers of all sorts. The sometimes difficult to obtain mall locations will be in easy reach of a business that can assure a landlord of profitable and predictable tenants in all of his developments. Advertising budgets can be generous, and there are often greater resources for research and development. In many systems, franchisees provide the greatest contribution to improving the business.