CMS announced it will charge resurvey fees to many types of Medicare certified providers and suppliers, including hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, hospices, ESRD centers, ambulatory surgery centers, and rural health clinics. The fee is applicable to resurveys occurring on or after September 19, 2007, resulting from deficiencies cited during an initial certification, recertification, or substantiated complaint survey that require a “revisit” to confirm that the identified deficiencies have been remedied.

The resurvey visit fees, enacted in § 20615(b) of the Continuing Appropriations Resolution, were only authorized for fiscal year 2007. Consequently, the revisit fees will expire on September 30, 2007, unless they are reauthorized. The fees are, however, included in the President's 2008 budget request.

The fees are expected to generate $37.3 million in revenue for CMS, with almost 90% of the fees expected to be paid by nursing facilities. Fees will be based on the average number of hours required for a revisit for the particular type of provider

If a provider fails to pay the resurvey fees within 30 days after receipt of demand for payment, CMS may revoke the providers enrollment and billing privileges. However, if an incorrect fee has been charged by CMS or a deficiency is overturned on appeal following payment, CMS will initially only issue a credit to the provider or supplier against a future resurvey fee rather than refunding the amount.