A controversial advert sponsoring primetime on popular TV channel, Dave, which appeared to link alcohol brand Bombardier with a sexual act, was held to be in breach of Ofcom’s Broadcasting Code (the Code) and the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (the BCAP Code). The Code provides that any sponsorship must comply with the content and scheduling rules applicable to TV advertising. Under the BCAP code any adverts that link alcohol with sexual activity, sexual success or seduction, or which imply that alcohol can enhance attractiveness, are prohibited.

The advert, which implied that the woman had been performing oral sex underneath a blanket covering the seated Bombardier character in a battlefield scene, was held to be in breach. In its defence, the UKTV Network responded to Ofcom by stating that neither character was seen to be consuming alcohol, both were fully clothed and there was “no movement” underneath the blanket! Nevertheless, Ofcom made it clear that ANY “link” between alcohol and sexual activity is sufficient for the advertisement to be caught by the BCAP Code.

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