The National Working Group of Attacking Pornography and Illegal Publication (“APIP”) and 5 other authorities jointly issued the Circular on Tightening the Administration of Online Live Services (“Circular”) on 20 August 2018.

The Circular requires that online live service providers (“live providers”), more commonly known as streamers, should (i) fulfil the ICP filing requirements with the relevant telecoms authorities and apply for appropriate administrative licences; (ii) fulfil public security filing requirements with the relevant public security organs within 30 days of their live services being launched; (iii) carry out their business strictly in accordance with the licensed scope; (iv) implement the users’ real-name requirement, strengthen the administration of live hosts, and establish a blacklist of live hosts; (v) improve the system of monitoring and reviewing live content, enhance the measures of dealing with illegal and harmful content, and record published content, log information, and keep such records for a certain period.

Internet access service providers, internet data centre providers and content distribution  network providers (“Internet service providers”) must not provide any internet access service to any live providers that: fail to fulfil the ICP filing requirements; fail to obtain relevant business licences; have inconsistent information of ICPs, IP address or domain name; or are included in a blacklist established by relevant authorities. Mobile application stores must not provide any distribution service to the said live providers.

Internet access service providers should establish a mechanism of content review, information filtering and complaints, and establish an all-day 24/7 emergency plan to deal with the illegal and unlawful activities during the online live service. 

Please click here to read the full text (Chinese only) of the Circular.