An Employers’ Starter Pack for UAE or Qatar Schools

  1. Who is the ‘Employing Thoughts’ Starter Pack for?

The pack is primarily designed for schools who are setting up, or have recently set up, in the UAE or Qatar.

As part of the set up, you will of course need to recruit employees in what is undoubtedly a very different and often challenging labour law system. In addition to the UAE and Qatar Labour Law (which applies to all employees save for the financial free zones), you will need to be aware of any labour provisions set out in the relevant free zone regulations (if you are setting up in one of the UAE’s free zones), the ADEC Regulations (if you are setting up in Abu Dhabi), the KHDA Regulations (if you are setting up in Dubai) or the Ministry of Education Regulations (if you are setting up in Qatar) and the various UAE Federal Laws and Qatar laws that apply specifically to private education sector providers.

The Employing Thoughts Starter Pack is intended to simplify this process for you by providing you with the initial documentation and information you will need as an employer.

  1. What does the Employing Thoughts Starter Pack include?

A template contract of employment complying with the minimum statutory legal requirements for (i) teaching staff and (ii) non-teaching staff*.

A briefing note on the key legal provisions you should be aware of as a school employer in the UAE or Qatar addressing:

  • Contracts – limited and unlimited term
  • Probation periods
  • Working hours and overtime
  • Statutory leave entitlements – annual, sickness, maternity and other statutory benefits
  • Termination – disciplinary process, notice requirements, statutory terminations payments and risk
  1. How long will it take for me to receive my Employing Thoughts Starter Pack?

As soon as you are registered as a client of the firm, we can provide you with your starter pack within 2 working days.