As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, so do companies’ and governments’ approaches to monitoring and helping avoid the spread of the virus. The intensity and anxiety over this issue is extremely high in Asia, exemplified by the recent appearance of the Singapore Prime Minister asking individuals to stay calm and assuring them that things are under control.

Each country, however, is taking its own steps to maintain and quarantine the disease. China, of course, it taking the most aggressive efforts. Many of the other Asian countries have also taken steps to encourage (or require) employer action, such as taking temperatures, ensuring regular cleaning onsite, and supporting work-from-home or leave protections.

The chart below provides a snapshot of what we are seeing in several Asian jurisdictions as of February 11, 2020.1 Employers with operations in these countries can incorporate this information with other efforts to (i) maintain effective and assuring communication with their workforce; (ii) take steps to promote the safety of their workforce; and (iii) monitor and ensure appropriate application of their leave, travel, and related policies. Of course, specific questions about an employer’s situation and next steps should be directed to licensed counsel.

Considerations in Light of Coronavirus