The Criminal Court of Vigo sentenced a local football player to 4 months imprisonment for a personal injury offence which occurred in a football game in Vigo, a city situated in north-west Spain.

The offence was committed by the convicted football player who pushed his competitor against the advertising hoardings. As a consequence, the competitor hit his head on the steel pole of the billboard and subsequently suffered from serious skull injury and an open wound on the front.

The Judge decided that this conduct was committed with the “intention of undermining the physical integrity of the competitor” and it constitutes a criminal offence punishable under Spanish Criminal Code.

In addition, the Judge ordered the football player to pay to the victim €1,210 to compensate for damage suffered as a result of the offence.

This is a pioneer court ruling in Spain, which opens the door to criminal liability for sports injuries.

The decision may be appealed to the higher court, Audiencia Provincial.

Ceyhun Pehlivan