On June 26, 2009, the FCC issued an Order on Review, regarding the deployment of switched digital video (SDV) technology by Time Warner Cable, Inc., and Cox Communications, Inc. The Order vacated portions of the Notices of Apparent Liability and Forfeiture Orders previously issued to the cable operators, with one exception. SDV technology allows the cable operators to increase capacity by moving programming to the SDV platform, thereby providing the programming to subscribers who actually request it. SDV technology would make some programming inaccessible to a percentage of subscribers using CableCARD-equipped unidirectional digital cable products (UDCPs) unless they had a set-top box. The Commission found that SDV does not violate its rules that require cable operators to support operation of UDCPs in connection with their cable system. The Commission also determined that the technology does not violate rules that prohibit multichannel video programming distributors from preventing "navigation devices" from connecting or using their system. However, the Commission determined that the migration to the SDV platform "constitutes a 'change in service' requiring 30-day advance written notice to the relevant local franchise authority." The forfeitures issued for violation of the notice rules were affirmed. The Order is available here.