According to a news source, Dead Sea Premier Laboratories, which makes cosmetics and beauty products sold throughout the world, has filed a lawsuit in the Tel Aviv District Court alleging that Amazon infringes its trademarks and copyrights by selling current, out-of-date and imitation products, using the company’s trademarks and product images without authorization. The Tel Aviv-based company claims that Amazon does not request trademark owners of products to approve when resellers post details of product offerings on Amazon’s online retail site. This practice, Dead Sea Premier alleges, allows anyone to sell products whether or not authorized to do so by the manufacturer.

The company reportedly contends that it has not granted Amazon permission to use its trademarks and intellectual property and that Amazon has failed to remove infringing material from its Website when asked to do so. Seeking a provisional amount of compensation—some US$168,000—Dead Sea Premier asks the court to order an accounting to determine the full extent of Amazon’s profit from using the company’s name and products. See Jewish Business News, October 15, 2013.