In the framework of the digitization of the Belgian judiciary, a central Solvency Register ( will be available as of 1 April 2017.

Henceforth, creditors must file their claims electronically. The register will be accessible - subject to different procedural formalities - to magistrates, including substitute judges, clerks of court and public prosecutors as well as bankrupt parties, their creditors and counsel.

In this way, magistrates will have a convenient overview of pending bankruptcy proceedings, while trustees in bankruptcy and clerks of court will have substantially less paperwork.

Documentation relating to bankruptcies pending on 1 April will not be uploaded to the register, meaning these bankruptcies will have a hybrid file, consisting of both paper documents (up to 1 April 2017) and electronic versions (as from 1 April 2017).

The register will be financed through fees imposed on inter alia the filing of claims and consultation of bankruptcy files as well as through a contribution by bankruptcy estates.