he Financial Industry Regulatory Authority expressed formal support for Chris Brummer and other members of a FINRA appellate council in light of alleged disparaging online attacks they have sustained following the decisions of a FINRA disciplinary panel and the appellate council to bar two individuals — William Scholander and Talman Harris — from associating with any FINRA firm for alleged securities law violations (click here to access the relevant decision of the FINRA National Adjudicatory Council). Mr. Brummer, a professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center, served as a member of the FINRA appellate council. According to a lawsuit filed in a New York State court by Mr. Brummer, Benjamin Wey — who allegedly was a business associate of the two individuals — has made allegedly defamatory attacks in an online publication, “TheBlot Magazine,” against FINRA, the FINRA disciplinary committee panelists who issued the initial decision and members of the advisory counsel, including Mr. Brummer, that upheld the decision. According to FINRA, “FINRA commends Georgetown Law Professor Chris Brummer and other National Adjudicatory Council… members for their ongoing contributions to FINRA's mission despite online attacks.”