Two unrelated firms were each fined US $25,000 and required to disgorge profits related to position limit violations involving futures traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange, part of the CME Group. Hayman Capital Management LP was charged with violating position limits on one day in January 2015 involving February 2015 crude oil futures. Prosperity Steel United Singapore PTE Ltd. was also charged with violating position limits on three trade dates involving March 2014 Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures Contracts. Both firms subsequently liquidated their overage positions, with Hayman Capital realizing profits of US $709,000 and Prosperity US $574,000. Both firms agreed to pay the fines and disgorge their profits to settle their CME Group disciplinary matters. Separately, ICAP Corporates, LLC agreed to pay a fine of US $40,000 for not reporting certain block trades timely to NYMEX, incorrectly reporting the accurate time of certain block trades, and incorrectly reporting certain exchange for swap transactions as block trades. This occurred, claimed NYMEX, in connection with “multiple” block trades from January 2012 through June 2013. Three traders –two on CME Group exchanges (Stephen Duggan and Himanshu Kalra) and one on ICE Futures U.S. (Igor Oystacher)– also agreed to settle allegations of spoofing-type conduct for fines and/or trading access prohibitions. In connection with Mr. Oystacher’s alleged violation, the relevant IFUS business conduct committee expressly acknowledged that the alleged wrongful trading activity “resulted in no financial gain to [Mr.] Oystacher.” However, the committee determined “that such activity may have disrupted the marketplace.”