Intel Corp's application for an interim injunction to suspend the European Commission's (Commission) investigation into allegations that it has abused a dominant position in the market has failed. The application was rejected by the Court of First Instance (CFI) on 27 January 2009. The Commission has been carrying out an investigation into allegations that Intel has taken steps to force its main rival, AMD, out of the market for x86 Computer Processing Units. In November 2008, Intel took an action before the CFI over the Commission's refusal to adhere to its requests for information from AMD which Intel considered were directly relevant to the Commission's allegations. Intel also objected to the Commission's refusal to an extension of time to respond to a supplementary Statement of Objections issued in July 2008. Intel failed to persuade the CFI that it would suffer serious and irreparable damage, as any harm it might suffer would depend on the Commission's final decision which itself could be the subject of an appeal. The CFI rejected the notion that here had been any bias and pointed to the fact that the Commission had, following Intel's request, sought further information from AMD.