In a development seen as a first step in spreading satellite radio services throughout Europe, a subsidiary of WorldSpace signed an agreement with Telecom Italia (TI) that calls for the construction of a terrestrial repeater network that would extend satellite radio coverage to Italian customers who lack a direct line of sight to WorldSpace satellites. TI, the dominant provider of fixed line voice services in Italy, would build the network of terrestrial repeaters which act as “gap fillers” to boost satellite radio strength in urban areas where such signals are often obscured. Last May, WorldSpace Italia received a license from the Italian government to launch L-band subscription satellite radio services to the Italian market. The L-band frequencies licensed to WorldSpace are the only ones harmonized for satellite radio services in Europe, where satellite radio (in contrast to the U.S.) is still in its infancy. WorldSpace—which already has two spacecraft in orbit with plans to launch a third—aims to deploy satellite radio services throughout Europe on a country-by-country basis. Declaring, “we are pleased that Italy will be the first country in Europe to receive satellite radio services,” WorldSpace Italia CEO Luca Panerai said: “we are honored to work with a strong partner such as [TI] for deploying the critical terrestrial backbone of our network.”