On 2 May 2017 the European Commission published a package of measures for enhancing the practical functioning of the EU Single Market. The proposed rules will make it easier for citizens and companies to manage their paperwork online in their home country or when working, living or doing business in another EU country and it will help ensure that commonly agreed EU rules are respected. The proposed package consists of three concrete initiatives; (i) a Single Digital Gateway, which is a single digital entry point for information, administrative procedures and assistance services; (ii) a Single Market Information Tool, which will allow the Commission to source defined and readily available data (such as cost structure, pricing policy or product volumes sold) in cases of serious difficulties with the application of EU Single Market legislation; and (iii) a SOLVIT Action Plan, aiming to increase the use of SOLVIT (an online service which provides solutions to European citizens and companies when they experience difficulties with public administrations while moving or doing business cross-border in the EU) by making sure that more citizens and businesses can easily access it and by improving data collection so that evidence from SOLVIT cases can be used to improve the functioning of the Single Market.