The Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD) recently released its Annual Report for 2006-2007. In this Report, the TPD identifies its strategic objectives as modernization of the regulatory framework and performance sustainability.

With respect to modernizing the regulatory framework, the TPD identifies the following areas as having achieved progress over the last year: (i) the progressive licensing project which included the launch of a web-site, (ii) proposing amendments to Schedule A to the Foods and Drugs Act, which is a list of diseases for which preventative, treatment and cure claims in advertising are prohibited and (iii) exploring the development of a clinical trial registration and results disclosure system in Canada.

The Annual Report also provides a review of the TPD's performance this year. Highlighted is the fact that Health Canada met its goal of 90% review on time for new pharmaceutical submissions and generic drug submissions.

The Annual Report, which can be accessed at,, also includes a list of the TPD's plans in 2007-2008.