On 1 November 2017 OGA launched its 2017 Stewardship Survey.

OGA’s Stewardship Survey was first introduced last year and was intended to streamline previous approaches to data collection from the UK oil & gas industry by replacing and integrating nine previous industry surveys covering such areas as exploration, projects, production, operating and decommissioning costs as well as technology.

With a view to capturing lessons learned from the first Stewardship Survey, various workshops and training sessions have been held in the course of 2017, to give industry an opportunity to provide feedback on last year’s process and what worked and how the Stewardship Survey and process might be improved. The resulting changes include additional guidance for each section, the removal of duplicated questions, simplifying data disclosure consent requests, improved master data relating to wells, fields etc. and opening the Survey for longer – now four months.

Data collected from the Stewardship Survey is intended to provide insight into forecast and current activity in the UKCS and informs OGA’s asset stewardship reviews with operators. Further, it is used by OGA to facilitate the economic modelling of UKCS fields and in compiling area plans and regional strategies.

In the past year, OGA has also published various reports based on its analysis of parts of the data collected via the 2016 Stewardship Survey with a view to sharing information with industry. For example, OGA has recently published the UK Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources Report 2016. The report, published on 31 October 2017 estimates that around 10 to 20 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe) reserves and resources remain recoverable in the UKCS. Even though the sanctioned base of recoverable reserves is 8% lower than OGA’s previous estimates in 2015, OGA still considers that the UK’s petroleum reserves remain at a significant level, sustaining production for at least the next two decades.

The 2017 Stewardship Survey opened on 1 November 2017 – the main part will close on 28 February 2018, and the activity section will close on 19 January 2018.