Gentle reader, here at the blogatorium, there are a few things up with which we will not put. Bad coffeePeople who drive slowly in the left lane. And clichés. Especially clichés. For example, when the NLRB declined to assert jurisdiction over whether football players at Northwestern University could form a union, how many headlinesdid you see about the Board punting on the decision?

Well ‘round these parts, we do things a little different. So we’re just going to inform you that in Muriel v. SCI Az. Funeral Svcs., Inc., the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Arizona granted summary judgment on Lorrie Muriel’s Equal Pay Act claim. We’re not going to tell you that the Court declared Ms. Muriel’s claim DOA because negotiation and prior salaries are permissible factors other than gender to consider in determining the wages of employees of differing genders. Nor will we point out that the fatal flaws in her claim were SCI establishing that the difference in Ms. Muriel’s pay and that of a male counterpart was attributable to factors other than sex and her inability to cite to any evidence that SCI intended to discriminate against her on the basis of her gender.