The ACA authorizes CMS to test innovative payment and service delivery models. For instance, the Medicare Shared Savings Program promotes the formation of accountable care organizations (ACOs), under which groups or providers may work together to coordinate care for Medicare beneficiaries and receive payments for shared savings if certain standards are met. In preparation for rulemaking to establish this program, CMS is requesting comments on certain aspects of the policies that will apply to ACOs, such as: standards to ensure that groups of solo and small practice providers have the opportunity to participate in the program; issues associated with small practices’ limited access to capital; the process of attributing beneficiaries to an ACO for purposes of measuring savings and improving quality; how to assess beneficiary and caregiver experience of care and patient-centeredness, quality performance standard; and other types of payment models. The comment deadline is December 3, 2010. The official version of the notice will be published on November 17.