The UK Gambling Commission is currently conducting a review of social gaming to assess the potential risks to the public (particularly problem gambling type risks and consumer exploitation risks) and determine whether existing protections are adequate.   Following initial investigations, in May the Commission called on social gaming operators to provide player data for further analysis of the potential risks and possible solutions.  However, the Commission has stressed that it would only want to advise government to bring social gambling within the scope of gambling regulation if it considered the potential risks could not be addressed by responsible self-regulation by operators, targeted use of existing consumer protection powers (such as those of the OFT), or enforcement action by Ofcom or the ASA. 

The Social Gaming Association and International Social Gaming Coalition have welcomed the opportunity to assist with the review and the Commission will continue to work with these bodies and the wider industry to develop its understanding of the issues.

This review takes place in parallel with a similar information gathering exercise by the OFT.  The OFT's investigations are aimed at enabling it to understand business practices in this area and and whether these breach existing consumer protection regulations.

Further information on the Gambling Commission review can be found on the Commission's website.

Further information on the OFT's investgations can be found here.