The Construction Contracts Act 2013 (the “Act”) was enacted on 29 July 2013 but remains subject to a Ministerial commencement order before it becomes operative. Born out of the economic recession, the purpose of the Act is to regulate payments under construction contract in order to create a sustainable future for the Irish construction industry. The Act seeks to achieve this sustainable future by introducing mandatory payment provisions, the entitlement to stop work for non-payment and statutory adjudication for payment disputes. The purpose of this briefing is to map out the timeline of the Act. For an in-depth consideration of the various provisions of the Act, readers can access our dedicated briefing here.

Timeline to Commencement

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As the construction industry becomes increasingly active, the on-going delay in commencing the Act undermines the Act’s key purpose of creating a sustainable future for the construction industry. The Department advise that now that the Panel of Adjudicators has been published, it is working towards a commencement date for the Act “as soon as possible”. However with the general election just behind us, it may be that this further delays the coming into force of the Act.