The Confederation of British Industry (CBI), the UK’s leading employers’ organisation which represents companies from all sectors of UK business, recently published a report outlining why immigration matters to 18 different sectors of the economy.  

The report’s main findings are that:

  1. immigration is valuable to all sectors of the UK economy and delivers significant economic benefit
  2. most business sectors require a combination of skill levels and are inter-linked through supply chains, so a whole economy approach is required
  3. mobility is as important as migration, particularly for the UK economy where services play such a vital role
  4. the current non-EU immigration system is inaccessible for most firms and is not the solution for EU nationals
  5. businesses recognise that free movement is coming to an end and want to restore public trust in immigration.

The CBI has made 17 policy recommendations for a reformed immigration system. These include: 

  • introduce compulsory registration for EU nationals as soon as they arrive in the UK
  • restrict EU citizens’ ability to stay to three months unless they can prove that they are working, studying or are self-sufficient.

We are, of course, still waiting for the Government’s promised White Paper on immigration.

The full CBI report can be found here.