ASA resetting the rules on price comparisons: In a ruling involving Victoria Plum, the Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that both the period for which the higher price had applied and the percentage of items sold at that higher price, were relevant in establishing whether a previous price comparison is valid. View >

FSA name and shame campaign suspended: The Food Standards Agency has announced the suspension of naming retailers on the basis of campylobacter checks on fresh chicken carcasses. The reason given is that testing was carried out on neck skin (found to be the most contaminated area) and some processors were now removing this during processing.
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Non competition clauses may be invalid: As part of its consultation on the government Innovation Plan - the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills is considering restriction of non-competition with their employer clauses in employee contracts.
Closing date 24 May. View >

Action to tackle money laundering: The Home Office have launched an anti-money laundering and terrorist finance action plan. View >

Cold calling transparency: The Department for Culture, Media & Sport has announced that all direct marketing organisations will be required to ensure that the numbers used for cold calls will be visible to the person called. View >


EU Technical regulation:

  • Withdraws Z,Z,Z,Z-7,13,16,19-docosatetraen-1-yl isobutyrate as a plant protection product. 2016/636 >
  • Withdraws approval from a number of food flavouring substances. 2016/637 >
  • Withdraws Z-13-hexadecen-11-yn-1-yl acetate as a plant protection product. 2016/638 >