The ACMA is consulting on proposed changes that clarify the scope of cabling work covered by Division 9 of Part 21 of the Telecommunication Act and ACMA's Cabling Provider Rules made under that Part of the Act. The ACMA intends to create a new declaration to replace the current Declaration which will cease in October 2015.

The ACMA proposes to exempt home theatre and home entertainment cabling work from the requirements of the Cabling Provider Rules so long as the cabling work is performed by a professional installer in accordance with the requirements of AS/ACIF S009. The ACMA also intends to clarify that the exemption for plug-and-play devices is limited to simple plug-and-play customer cabling that does not involve concealed customer cabling in a wall, floor or roof cavity.

For more information, please see the ACMA press release.

The consultation paper is available here.

The closing date for submissions is Friday 24 May 2013.