On 16 March 2016, Ukrainian Parliament ('Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine') approved Ukraine's accession to the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA). The WTO’s Committee on Government Procurement took the decision on the accession terms for Ukraine on 12 November 2015. Please see our earlier communication on this topic here

Ukraine will formally accede to the GPA 30 days after deposition of its accession instrument with the WTO, which may be expected already in 2016. 

The agreement ensures free access to government procurement markets in each of the GPA state-parties. In order to join the GPA and allow such access to Ukrainian suppliers, Ukraine had to amend its legislation and agree the terms of accession to GPA with other state-parties. 

The principles and procedural requirements set out by the GPA are applied to certain procurement activities of the party as provided by the coverage schedule for particular party. The coverage schedules are an integral part of the GPA and consist of a number of annexes which define the party's commitments with respect to the four dimensions of coverage:  

  • the procuring entities covered by the agreement
  • the goods, services and construction services covered by the agreement
  • the threshold values above which procurement activities are covered by the agreement
  • exceptions to this coverage.

Ukraine’s accession to the GPA not only opens global public procurement market to Ukrainian suppliers but also proves that Ukrainian legal framework meets GPA basic principles including non-discrimination, transparency, procedural fairness and prevention of corrupt practices.