Yesterday, we focused on the honoring and recognizing categories of expenses that have to be reported. There are also three other categories that have to be disclosed on the LD-203 report.

  • Political Contributions: Contributions made by registered lobbyists, the connected PAC of a registrant, or a PAC controlled by a lobbyist must be disclosed on the LD-203 if:
  1. the aggregate contributions to an entity equal or exceed $200 during the six-month reporting period; AND
  2. the recipient is a federal candidate, leadership PAC, or federal political party.

Contributions to other PACs (e.g., a trade association PAC or a company’s connected PAC) from a lobbyist do not have to be disclosed. State contributions also do not have to be                 disclosed.

  • Presidential Library Foundations: If contributions to a presidential library foundation aggregate to $200 or more during the six-month reporting period, they must be disclosed.
  • Presidential Inaugural Committees: Contributions that equal or exceed $200 during the six-month reporting period must be disclosed. The Guidance makes clear that this includes payments to the official Presidential Transition Organization. It also would include payments to the official inaugural committees for tickets to inaugural events, but would not include payments to other entities that host inaugural events (e.g., a state society).