In September 2016, the Government has approved the Law No. 238 of 2021 that extends the scope of the maternity privilege to the father and mandates a vacation leave in cases where the mother has passed away. This paternity privilege is coming into effect the next day after lifting the Emergency Estate due to the pandemic of the COVID-19. 

This regulation is applicable to all workers in the public and private sector, protecting the new-born’s father employment, who is not to be fired for the duration of pregnancy and one year after birth, in the cases (i) when the mother passes away during or over the following 12 months after the delivery, and (ii) when the women does not have a formal job during her pregnancy or in the following 12 months. Some exceptions apply. 

Additionally, this Law grants the father with the right to request a 15 days’ vacation leave when the mother passes away during delivery or in the subsequent days and months for the duration of the new-born’s first year of life.