Federal Agency Guidance

Accountable Care Organization Accelerated Development Learning Session

Registration now open for the third and final ACO Accelerated Development Learning Session, Baltimore MD, November 17-18, 2011.

FAQ: ACO Accelerated Development Learning Sessions

A series of questions and answers on the purpose and goals of both ACOs and the accelerated learning sessions.

Explanation of the Appeals Process for the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program

October 3, 2011 guidance from CMS regarding how plan sponsors participating in the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program would submit a request for appeal of an adverse reimbursement determination and how the appeals process works.

Explanation of the Processes for Reporting Early Retiree and Claims Data Inaccuracies, and for Reopening

October 3, 2011 guidance from CMS discussing the manner and timing for reporting and correcting inaccuracies with previously submitted data and describes the process for instances when CMS reopens and revises a reimbursement determination on its own volition or upon request of a Plan Sponsor.