CC Trading Company LLC agreed never to apply for membership in the National Futures Association or act as a principal for an NFA member in order to resolve an NFA complaint filed against it last year. CC Trading was previously registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as an introducing broker and a member of NFA. In the complaint against CC Trading, NFA charged that the firm failed to meet minimum financial requirements for an independent IB (i.e., US $45,000) and failed to cooperate with the NFA, among other violations. NFA also charged Christopher Craddock, a principal of CC Trading, with the same offenses. Mr. Craddock settled his charges too by consenting not to apply for NFA membership or associate membership, or as principal of any NFA member, for two years. If after such time he applies for NFA membership, he agreed to pay a US $25,000 fine. CC Trading was previously cited for not complying with the minimum financial requirements for an IB by the NFA in 2011. The firm settled that matter by payment of a fine of US $15,000. As alleged by the NFA, during an exam to ensure that CC Trading was subsequently compliant, NFA learned that the firm was not. NFA said it was this subsequent failure and alleged behavior by the firm and Mr. Craddock that gave rise to the current legal action.