This is a question that we have been hearing increasingly following the latest extension of UK tax liabilities to non-domiciled investors into UK real estate.

In an attempt to address this question and identify the continued advantages of using offshore entities to hold UK real estate, we have prepared a free downloadable report entitled ‘9 benefits of starting or continuing to use British offshore entities to hold UK real estate and other assets’ that highlights:

  • the 9 benefits of using British offshore entities to hold UK real estate and other high-value assets; and
  • how British offshore entities can be used to create tailored, tax-efficient structures for holding UK real estate and other assets.

You should download and read our report:

  • if you are an investor into UK real estate and would like to consider using British offshore entities to acquire and/or hold your investment; or
  • if you are a tax advisor, an accountant or a legal advisor with non-UK-resident corporate clients or non-UK-domiciled high-net-worth individual clients that acquire, hold and/or dispose of UK assets and that are interested in:
    • minimising their UK tax liabilities in relation to their holding and disposal of their UK assets; and/or
    • maximising their return on investment on their UK assets; and/or
    • creating geopolitically flexible, long-term asset protection strategies for UK assets; or
    • if you are an onshore or offshore trust and corporate services provider or a director of one or more existing British offshore companies and you are looking to ensure that your existing structure remains relevant to its beneficial owners.

    Please note that none of the approaches referred to in our report form part of aggressive tax planning as it does not deliver sustainable long-term benefits.

    To download a copy of the report, please click here.

    Alternatively, if you would prefer, we could have a quick call to discuss your commercial objectives and how Keystone Law might be able to help you achieve them. If this is of interest, please contact Stephen using the below details and he will respond with availability.