The Digital Republic Bill (the Bill), published on 7 October 2016, brings a number of notable changes to regulation in the digital sphere, such as open data, the online cooperative economy, revenge porn and access to the internet.

Key measures in the Bill relating to stakeholders in the telecommunications sector include:

  • Increased investigatory powers for the French Telecommunications Authority (ARCEP), including the seizure of documents
  • Implementation of the Net Neutrality principle to ensure continuous and non-discriminatory access to the internet
  • Introduction of an obligation on ARCEP to publish the coverage maps provided by electronic communications providers
  • Introduction of incentives to foster superfast network rollouts, including the introduction of "fibre zone" status
  • Introduction of incentives to encourage experimentation, including the temporary suspension of certain legal obligations on companies engaged in the development of innovative technologies
  • Introduction of requirements for the development of the IPV6 standard to ensure all new terminal equipment on the market in France is compliant with IPV6 by 1 January