From 1 October 2009, the national minimum wage rates were increased as follows:

  • adult rate (for those aged 22 and over): £5.80 per hour (previously £5.73 per hour)
  • youth rate (18-21): £4.83 per hour (previously £4.77 per hour)
  • rate for those aged 16 and 17 year-olds: £3.57 per hour (previously £3.53 per hour)
  • The maximum amount that can be offset where accommodation is provided is £4.51 per day (previously £4.46 per day).

From 1 October 2009, tips, service charges, gratuities and cover charges, whether discretionary or mandatory, no longer count towards the national minimum wage. The Government has also announced that, as from October 2010, 21 year olds will get the standard adult rate.