The leading authorities of the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE by its acronym in Spanish) convened on May 6th to the National Elections for 2016, in which the President and VicePresident of the Republic of Nicaragua, as well as the members of congress for The National Assembly and The Central American Parliament, shall be elected. The Elections will be held on November 6th of this year, according to the Electoral Calendar.

The President of the CSE, Magistrate Roberto Rivas Reyes, indicated that the electoral process for 2016 was convened in accordance to the established in the Constitution of Nicaragua, which states that the National Elections must be carried out every 5 years. Thus, the Nicaraguans may exercise their constitutional right of choice of authorities, including the President and Vice-President, 20 members of congress for national constituency, 70 members of congress for departmental constituency, and 20 members of congress for The Central American Parliament.

The resolution of summoning to National Elections on November 6th was notified simultaneously to the 17 political parties registered in the Supreme Electoral Council. In the same way, a proceeding of massive registration of identity cards for voters is being currently carried out, with the purpose that all citizens, within the legal framework, may be involved in the process on the upcoming November 6th elections.